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The Genius of ‘AND”

A good friend of mine once taught me the lesson of making informed choices when making decisions. He said that It’s not unusual for a leader to be presented with an “either” and “or” decision and that there are lessons to be learnt from both. He asserted that this can be done by taking the best of both without necessarily choosing one over the other.

In many leadership situations that we shall meet in life, creativity is a critical element in decision making. For instance, in matters of spending or giving your customers the best without spending a fortune, a leader will need to look at how to do things creatively, to achieve all the desired results and move away from the tyranny of ‘either” ”or” to the genius of “And”.

And by so doing we shall avoid compromising or settling for the mediocre when faced with a dilemma.


People and Leadership

I thought this was a good read for any task oriented leader who may occasionally forget that the real wealth lies in the team that is around you. Enjoy it.

The real product of leadership is people. How much time are you spending with people?