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Justice: Shield and Defender

The poor and the marginalised in our society, just like in Israel of old, are liable to be injured and oppressed in the administration of justice or denied of it in totality. This evil is strictly condemned in the word of God (Leviticus 19:15).

Partiality in judicial decisions, and injustice under the pretext of enforcement of the law, are an abomination in the sight of our God, the God of all Creation, and such other unfairness exposes our judicial and police officers of whatever rank, who are guilty of these malpractices to divine vengeance.

When our Judiciary and the Police Force robs the needy of justice, when they trample the rights of the poor citizenry of Kenya, when they prey on the widowed or rob the fatherless in this land, the prophet Isaiah declares woes against any such powers.

These warnings are against superior powers (ie the Supreme Court judges, Court of Appeal judges, High Court judges, Magistrates of subordinate courts) that devise and decree unrighteous judgements! He does the same for any inferior officers (Court clerks), that draws up such judgements, and for Registry officials that enter them on record! (Isaiah 10:1-2).

On this our 25th day of Prayer and fasting at Mavuno Church (see guide here), we are reminded to pray that a sense of justice and equity would prevail within these critical arms of government for the sake of our country. Justice be our SHIELD and DEFENDER.


Leadership has made me better

‘Leading is about becoming a better person. Everyday. Applying yourself regardless of where you came from. It’s about the relationship between those who lead and those who choose to follow.‘ I really liked this quote that I saw recently in an article done by It reminds me to constantly check if as I lead others I am improving in the areas where some of my weaknesses are, where my blinds pots reside. And this is primarily because as I have led, I am exposed to not only those I lead but to other leaders.

Both these categories of people have the ‘right’ to speak into my life and say when things are going well and when they are not. When I have not kept time for meetings, I have been called out on that. When I have not delivered my reports on time,I have been called out on that too. When my team is not functioning optimally I have had to answer some hard questions. And in every of these areas, I have had to grow n my character. It is not always easy to take in criticism or not justify myself when others give a critique, yet looking back, I cans see areas where I have grow.

Humility has continued to be an area for me to grow as a leader just as much as keeping to my word. Even when it hurts. Every day, I get the opportunity to sit and reflect on my day or the episodes of my life that have gone through and see clear patterns of attitude adjustments here and there. I am liking the person I am becoming in the process, and that has been made possible because of the leadership opportunities that have come my way.

It is now very clear to me that leadership, with all its challenges has been an avenue that has allowed me to grow in many ways and to become a better individual. By divine grace, I will continue on this path and celebrate in days to come, the better person I shall become.