Is mine a Living Sacrifice?

Having read the account of Abraham walking for several days under God’s instructions to offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice in Genesis 22:1-9, I am awestruck at the wisdom of God. That He knew the kind of man Abraham was. I am also awestruck that Abraham was willing to go with this plan.

The walk with Isaac on the final leg of that journey must have stripped Abraham of every human resolution as father and son conversed tenderly, and maybe their last. However, Abraham was SURE that God would provide. In verse 8, Abraham says that “…God will provide for himself a lamb”. He did not know how. But he knew God would raise Isaac. Somehow.

So, Abraham takes the knife, and stretches out his hand to give up his son as the required sacrifice. As Mathew Henry says in his commentary of this passage, ‘here is an act of faith and obedience, which deserves to be a spectacle to God, angels, and men. God, by his providence, calls us to part with an Isaac sometimes, and we must do it with cheerful submission to his holy will.’

As leaders, what are you willing to part with this new season of your life for the sake of having that which is truly worth having? Clout? Status? Authority? Power? I believe that which is truly worth having is a life with God Himself.  May you and I learn how to give up the ‘temporal things’ around us so we can enter into a new fresh and dynamic relationship with God. And then we can become living sacrifices. And consequently we can become the leaders He has called us to be.


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