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The Leadership Brand

Mavuno Church has just concluded a leadership series titled ‘The Govenor’ and it has been phenomenally delivered by Pst Linda O Adolwa (@LindaAdolwa). For any Nairobian who is interested in voting wisely in the next coming general election, and MORE SO for the 1st elected governor of this city, this series is a must listen.

The first part in the 4 part series was titled The Leaders We Deserve and the main take out was that WE GET EXACTLY THE KIND OF LEADERSHIP WE TOLERATE! This was preached on 4th November 2012.

The second part in this series, delivered on the 11th November 2012, was titled Dangerous Leaders and we heard that WHAT DISTINGUISHES GOOD LEADERS IS NOT THEIR PERSONALITY, BUT THEIR CHARACTER. In other words, leaders are defined by the ongoing decisions that they make.

In the third part of this leadership series done on the 18th November 2012 and titled The Widow and the Judge, we were charged with a more personal take out; ‘I MUST BE VIGILANT IN DEMANDING ACCOUNTABLE LEADERSHIP.’

On 25th November, in the forth and final part of this series titled The Leadership Brand we heard that AUTHORITY IS FOR SERVICE NOT FOR PERSONAL AGGRANDIZEMENT and another personal take out was when a leader becomes destructive it is my duty to select another leader in his place.

Pastor Linda said repeatedly in her series that ‘good leadership comes with a responsibility’. Personally I am now more convinced of my own responsibility in what is at stake over this city in the next coming months as we count down to the general elections. I cannot sit back and expect good leadership to come automatically. If I over spiritualize issues then I have misunderstand the faith and I water down the leadership brand.

Let us not continue to be ridiculed as believers because we are so out of touch with what is around us. Good leaders don’t grow on trees. Because of what we witnessed in the last general elections in 2007, many of us could go into these elections without sufficient reflections of the issues at hand. Bad governance will happen if we tolerate it and if we don’t play our part, then we must suffer the consequences of bad leadership. We have a duty to vet those vying for public office and to determine the right leaders for this city and nation. Period.