Preparing for the Jubilee

In the month of September 2012, Pastor Simon Mbevi (@smbevi) has challenged me and many other Kenyans who listened to his sermon both at Mavuno Church and on the internet where his sermons were broadcast every weekend to prepare ourselves as there is change in the air where our nation, Kenya, is concerned. We shall be celebrating our 50th year since independence and this will be our Jubilee year.

Jubilee is a time of freedom from the many things that hold a people and a nation captive to debilitating issues of the past. In one of his sermons, he painted a picture that sound very exciting. “Imagine a new Kenya…good roads, zero tolerance to corruption, leaders of integrity, unity in diversity, a working city hall, drivers who stick to the rules! I see a new Kenya beginning to form, a new generation rejecting the old and embracing the new. I see you and I see hope for a new Kenya. In God’s name, let us be the generation that gave birth to the Kenya of dreams.”

And then he asked the question that was on all of our minds. “Is that possible? In our generation?” I must admit that I really want this to be my new reality. I want to live in this kind of country. I want to live in this kind of Kenya. And even though I did not shout out aloud, my answer to his question is yes. A resounding YES!

I know it sounds like a dream come true. I know it feels nearly impossible to achieve. And even though my mind and thoughts did wonder off into dreamworld and I started living in this new Kenya, I came back ‘into’ reality just in time to hear Pastor Simon conclude the message with the exhortation that God has the plan for this nation and that I can work with him to make this a reality. “In God’s name, let us be the generation that brings forth Kenya Mpya!”

For the full sermon, go to


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