Finishing well as a Leader

King Solomon began his leadership over Israel well but somewhere down the road deviated from the ways of God and eventually he failed and was not able to finish well. At the beginning of his leadership, he enjoyed great success and fame but the good times got into his head and his heart. Some of the things I see in his leadership :

  • His perspective got fuzzy
  • He began to overestimate his own importance
  • He grew blind to his weaknesses and refused to be held accountable
  • He started to trust in human ingenuity rather than in God

As Solomon drifted away from His calling, his worship of God grew cold and sterile and in the course of time, it became a ritual rather than a relationship with Him who had given him the responsibility of leading Israel. Solomon grew emotionally detached from God and eventually God’s presence and blessings began to reduce over his public leadership and private life.

May this be a sobering example to warn us who are tasked as leaders from drifting from our passion. When we start to engage with our leadership activities as mere routine, letting them become nothing more than items we check off our to-do-lists then we may be wondering from our original call to lead as God’s leaders.

When we become distracted by side shows and petty issues that are peripheral  to what our mandate is, and deviate from the purpose or call that first led us to serve, we  may be wondering from our original call to lead as God’s leaders. If we start to overestimate our self importance  and excuse our  failings and even become exceptions to the rules, we may be wondering from our original call to lead as God would have us lead.

Let us understand that as leaders, we cannot separate our spiritual condition from our successes or failures for that matter. Our leadership must begin at the place of relationship with our heavenly Father. Let us remain connected to him in intimacy and we shall avoid pride, blindness, presumption, hardness of heart, and many of the sins we see in the life of Solomon.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Steph on July 24, 2012 at 18:17

    So true! All those little foxes certainly ruin the vine!

    Love this and I’m so plagiarising it : “we cannot separate our spiritual condition from our successes or failures”

    Even so when we let our gifts just get us through as we easily go through the motions that the gifts in us allow us to do without much effort/strain. Then we lose the connection with the One who called us and we go with the flow – not stopping to get the Agenda from the Agenda setter. We end up burnt out, seeing little fruit, frustration at the low output versus the input and we begin questioning whether we’re in the “right” place etc when the truth is, if we’d stayed connected to our Father – we would be walking in His plan. That plan would be evident in the fruits of our labour of love & obedience.

    God help us that the weapon of “going through the motions” and “life” would not prosper against us!


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