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‘A commitment to authent…

‘A commitment to authenticity helps us refuse the false image some leaders project onto us and lowers the mask of hypocrisy’ – David Kadalie


Challenging your processes

Recently, I listened to Andy Stanley, Senior Pastor at NorthPoint Church as he shared about challenging your organisational system to get the best of out of them. It was a fantastic presentation that he did. Couple of things stood out for me from what he said.

First and foremost, progress is always proceeded by change. Change is always proceeded by challenge. Challenging the status quo is always where leadership begins.

Secondly, I am usually limited by my view point and the way I see the world. One of the sure ways to get out of this rut is to surround myself with leaders who have better  ideas than mine. Then, I better give them the permission to challenge my ideas.

Finally, as a leader, I must create an environment that allows challenge to ideas and the existing systems.

Let me challenge all you leaders to go out and look at your systems and processes again and be bold enough to challenge those that need challenging. And then change them for the better!

Leadership tip: Connection

When you as a leader remain open to the needs of those we are leading, they will remain open to your vision. When you take action to meet their needs, they will take action to fulfill your vision. As a wise leader, you must discern and meet the needs of your people.

Leadership Tip: Connection

Even though we as leaders are often required to speak in front of groups, to grow in our effectiveness we must understand that true connection happens one-on-one.

Quotable Quote

‎”Often the crowd doesn’t recognize a leader until he’s gone….then they erect a monument for him with the stones they threw at him in life,” O.Sanders

Leadership Myth

One major misconception many people have about leadership is the belief that it comes simply from having a position or title. Well, that is very far from the truth. You don’t need to possess a position at the top of your group, department or organization in order to lead. If you think so, then you have bought into the position myth.