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Personal vision

When personal vision connects with greater vision, doors open. Welcome to our #VisionNight tonight. All Saints 5:30pm


Give me understanding….

As the leader of God’s people, the Psalmist in Psalms 119:125 asked the Divine tutor to furnish him with understanding (or discernment). I think we can learn something from his example. We are to confess ourselves fools, and then our Lord will make us wise, as well as give us knowledge. The best understanding is that which enables us to render perfect obedience and to exhibit intelligent faith, and it is this which David desires, — “understanding, that I may know thy testimonies.”

I find it remarkable that King David does not pray for understanding through acquiring knowledge, but asks of the Lord first that he may have the gracious gift of understanding, and then may obtain the desired instruction. All the knowledge that we have before we have understanding has the potential to spoil us and breed pride and vanity in us; but if we have an understanding heart first, then the stores of knowledge will enrich our souls, and bring us neither sin nor sorrow.

I wish you all every blessing as you seek understanding and consequently, that you may be the kind of leader God has called you to be.

Pst Toni Mungai

What are your priorities…?

Is it possible (or even wise) to say yes to everything even when these be really important? How do we decide what we should say yes to and what we should decline to get engaged in? I believe the answer is in our priorities.

A good working definition of a priority is “something given or meriting attention before competing alternatives.” Can you figure out what your priorities ought to be? And how do you go about doing that? After you know what your really value in life, then and only then can you get onto the next important step of figuring out your top priorities, and what you ought to say yes to. Read more here.


Every blessing