Leaders provide vision

The people that you lead need a picture of a desirable future that inspires and makes them want to be a part of the effort. Just as importantly, they need to see the reason why they are called upon to perform tasks and make decisions, and how those actions and decisions fit into the overall picture. Otherwise, motivation levels can be low as people in the organization move through their workday performing lists of tasks that are meaningless at best, and confusing and incompatible, at worst.

John Kotter, author and leadership expert at Harvard, states that a key role of  any leader is to define what the future looks like, align those he is leading with the corporate vision, and inspire them to make it happen despite the challenges that would stand in their way.

Trying to lead a team or organization without a vision is just as difficult as trying to piece together a 1000-piece puzzle without looking at the box cover. Both are nearly impossible. With a clear vision in place, leaders can focus employees, improve perception of the organization, and keep everyone moving toward the same goal.

May those who you are leading find assurance and confidence in your leadership abilities. May they also find clarity, vision and purpose because you are growing to be a trusted source of values and integrity.

Adopted from Today’s Leadership Challenge (Cornelius & Associates http://www.corneliusassoc.com)

Toni Mungai


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