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Secure Leaders Empower Others

Today I read from Isaiah 33:14, which references an actual purification process that a leader of God’s people went through. This leader was King Hezekiah and the occasion was when King Sennacherib of the Assyrians came against him and the residents of Jerusalem.

The writer of this account is the prophet Isaiah and in essence is asking ‘who can successfully go through the purification process of God? Who can go through the fire of God and yet remain unchanged? He goes ahead to answer that question and describes the characteristics that the one who is being purifies starts to exhibit.

I think that we who have been called by God to be leaders in the Kingdom needs to consider these characteristics  and see if we are in possession of them and if we are growing in our leadership journey as we exercise  them regularly. Let us then consider Isaiah’s description:

  1. Integral in our actions: As leaders, our lives and our words must match. If we speak uprightly, then we must walk righteously (vs15).
  2.  Just in our ways: As leaders, we must reject dishonest gain, anything that comes from extortion and or oppression (vs 15).
  3. Firm in our Convictions: As leaders, our values should never allow us to accept or take any form of bribes (vs 15).
  4. Positive in our focus: As leaders, we must refuse to dwell on destructive issues, things that pertain to blood shed (vs 15).
  5. Pure in our intentions: As leaders, we must discipline our minds to remain clean and unpolluted, even shutting our eyes against contemplating or seeing evil (vs 15).
  6. Secure in our position: As leaders, we must be firm, stable in our identity and sure of our source of strength, the Lord our God. Isaiah says that such a leader will dwell on the heights and their will be the mountain fortress (vs 16).

When those we lead start to see these characteristics manifested in our lives, we start to earn their trust. As we grow in these characteristics, we will feel more secure  to lead others and not to manipulate or destroy them.  Remember, only secure leaders empower others.

Toni Mungai


Are You a Leader?

Today, I got another exciting opportunity to train the new Small Groups Leaders, whom we call Life Group Leaders here at Mavuno Church. This training happens once a month and in one of the sessions dubbed ‘LeadersTALK’ this session we first looked at some common myths about leadership that hinder many of us from rising to the call to lead. Some of the more common myths are leaders are born not made, leadership is a rare skill, leadership exists only at the top of an organisation and all leaders are charismatic. We then considered what you should observe in yourself when you see a leader. We used the following acronym;

L – Leadership. We looked at the making of a leader by understanding the value of leadership, making a commitment to learn how to lead, start leading at various levels and to seek leadership that will impact others.

E –  Equipper. We looked at an equippers game plan of evaluating, qualifying and uniting others, investing time and providing resources to those you lead.

A – Attitude. We looked at what an attitude is and the attitudes that determine our capacity to lead others.

D – Dreamers. We talked about the importance of having a dream and being able to cast vision for the people you lead. We said since we can all have a vision, those who see it and pursue it and help others see it are the ones called leaders.

E – Excellence. We need to learn to go beyond the average. As servant leaders, we must  learn to move away from the current philosophy of minimum effort for maximum expectation to Rebekah’s principle of maximum effort for minimum expectation (for the fascinating details of this part of the story read Gen 24:15-20). We do it because its right!

R – Relationships. Leaders need to grow love for those they lead. ‘You cant lead ’em if you don’t love ’em’. People learn from people they like, and they follow people whom they love.

So the big question for us was, ‘When I think of my leadership, do I think of the words…Leadership, Equipper, Attitude, Dreamer, Excellence and Relationships? When people think about us, do they think of these words?

May your leadership grow in increasing measure.

Toni Mungai

Leadership is influence….

The best way to test whether a person can lead rather than just manage is to ask him to create positive change. Managers can maintain direction, but they can’t change it. To move people in a new direction, you need influence. To read more, check this out

Leadership Mantra

“The true measure of leadership is influence — nothing more, nothing less.”
~ Author and leadership expert Dr. John C. Maxwell