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Secular vs. Sacred Leadership

I saw this on my friend’s (and Pastor) blog and I thought it very informative.


This myth is based on the belief that the ‘spiritual’ aspects of life is of more interest to God than the ‘secular’, and that following God’s call means leaving the ‘secular’ realm and working in a ‘spiritual’ setting. One problem with this view is it results in a 2-tier Christianity: the experts, the elite (those with a ‘higher calling’, people in ‘ministry’), and everyone else, for whom the expectations are low except that they support the work of those in ministry. And of course, this distinction is not biblical. For more please visit


Nehemiah’s Leadership

I have been following the story of Nehemiah (in the bible) and it makes for a very interesting read. This is an excerpt from today’s posting on the Mavuno Bible Challenge. May it be a blessing to all the leaders out there

The logic of large numbers (for the whole entry).

It is a principle of life on planet earth. Business people know it. Armies colonels know it. Politicians depend on it. Watch National Geographic and see that principle at work. A predator does not attack animals that are hurdled together. It’s always the lone one that falls to the kill. Some of the communities around us, such as the Asians or Chinese, they help each other to build business empires. So should we, we who have an even greater call to partner with God in the salvation of this world. At Mavuno we frequently say that you cannot be great alone.  We must join our efforts to live out our full potential that God has invested in us, as life groups, as a church, as a body of Christ.  This day, purpose not to go it alone; join or include like-minded fellows in what God has called you into, Amen?