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Situation Critical!

As a leader, do you allow circumstances in your life to cause you to place relationships with those around you at a lower priority than they ought to be? Do you find yourself conforming to the pressure of leadership responsibilities and consequently neglecting important relationships in your home, office or where you are leading?

As leaders, we must determine what is most important to us. And let us never be found to be the kind of leaders who ignore the high value of people and relationships. Let us never chose to focus on projects at hand and ignore people who that have come around us. Let us not allow the difficult situations we shall inevitable face as we deal with people become more important than the relationship we have with those same people.

We must strive not to prioritise results at the expense of relationships, or else we shall soon find that the blessing of getting things accomplished through team work was taken away from us. Let us recognize that people are our most appreciable asset when we love them and develop them to their fullest of potentials.

To be successful in our leadership roles, wherever we have been placed, we need to determine to always try to first value people more than situations. And to help us do this, we must constantly ask ourselves this question, “when the tough times come, what will be most important to me, the situation or the person?

Toni Mungai